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The Story of Kisu

Since its launch in October 2020, Kisu by Eero Aarnio has been off to a flying start, finding new homes all over the world. This small piece of Finnish design has quickly proven itself as a true new icon, claiming its spot among our collection of Eero’s classics. But how did Eero come up with the design of Kisu? Watch the video below to find out.



When Eero was 10 years old, their family lived in an apartment building in Kallio. They were not allowed to bring pets there, and therefore, the family didn’t have any at the time. It was the 1940s and stray cats would wander in the streets in the part of the city where the Aarnios lived. Young Eero would catch these cats and carry them home in his arms to the family’s apartment on the 5th floor. Eero’s mother would let him keep the cat for one day and he loved to play with them.


Eero Aarnio Originals Kisu White

Even though, later on the family ended up having a dog, Eero has always found cats charming as well. “Cat has always been a very sympathetic animal character for me”, he says. Eero has designed several dog figures and characters during his career and finally he decided it was time for the cat as well. The name Kisu was a natural choice for him as in his childhood, Kisumisu, was a common term of endearment for cats in the Aarnio family.

Eero Aarnio Originals Kisu in White and Black

The design process resulted in the newest addition to our collection: a design element suitable both indoors and outdoors. Kisu is made of polyethylene and available in two colours, black and white. The black Kisu is produced 100% of regenerated polyethylene made from the factory’s own defected products and waste material. Discover Kisu here!